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Interior design in 2022 is off to a great start. One of the common themes is comfort, which can be found in trends from retro looks to nature-inspired spaces. Here are some of the interior design trends that are already rising to the top in 2022.


1.    Bringing Back Retro

Retro, particularly of the 70s variety, has become a popular look in 2022. Equal parts fun, nostalgia, and comfort, this hip vintage style has become popular with interior design experts and good producers alike.

While some may go all-in with a heavily retro-décor space, most are taking a more subtle route, as touches of retro can go a long way to spruce up a home. Colors such as moss greens, burnt orange, and other warm neutrals can brighten and soften an interior.

Furniture and accessories to fit this look can be found at boutique stores, but also at flea markets or shops that restore vintage goods, where you might find a reupholstered couch or refinished end table that would be a perfect fit in your room.


2.    Cutting Edge Hi-Tech

On the other end of the design spectrum is an interior that incorporates tech into its look. With technology becoming more prominent in most homes, technology such as décor has become popular.

Today’s homeowners want convenience when it comes to controlling and using home amenities like security systems, HVAC, music, and digital assistants all from their smartphones or wearables. Gadgets with forward-looking styles can help complement the high-tech feel with items like induction cooktops, heating flooring, self-shading windows, and floating shelves.


3.    Nature Nurtures

Being in nature brings feelings of clean, pure spaces, comfort, and relaxation. Another 2022 interior design trend is bringing this look and feel into your home.

Color trends for natural styles include greens, browns, and earth tones. One of the most popular ways to enhance a room with a natural look is with authentic greenery. Live or artificial plants will not only complement natural woods and warm browns, but they will also give a feeling of authenticity to a nature-inspired room.


4.    Multifunctional spaces

In 2022, single-use spaces dedicated to one activity are being abandoned for spaces that serve multiple functions. Homeowners want to maximize the space they have available, which can help their family members share time together.

Interior trends for multifunctional spaces take advantage of every available nook and cranny for usefulness. Clean, innovative room-dividing tactics also help bring more utility to rooms and spaces that might otherwise be underutilized.


5.    Mindful Zen

Rounding out our Top 5 interior design trends is a mindful Zen environment. A combination of a comfortable feel and thoughtful visual style creates an understated elegance for any room.

This mindful Zen trend can serve a dual purpose. Its primary purpose is to elevate eco-friendly décor, which can help encourage others to adopt sustainable design in their own homes. In addition, it can reflect a clear, undistracted mind that can focus while remaining calm and aware.