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This Season, Calm and Clean Colors are In


As opposed to bright and bold colors, this season, using colors that are serene and calm is all the rage. Instead of using colors that make an intense statement, homeowners are utilizing colors that make their homes a peaceful sanctuary.

Every year, the world’s most established color experts devise “color of the year” selections, and the experts have collaborated and decided that optimistic and calm colors are the most popular choices that people are opting for, this year.

As we enter into the summertime, the paint manufactures recount that colors, like “First Light” are rising in prominence. The color, “First Light” is a soft and rosy pink color, and this color gives off an optimistic and understated aura.

Another color that is popular this season is a classic blue color, named “Naval SW 6244.” This color is known for being an ocean-like color, that is reminiscent of the night’s sky on the beach. When you see the color “Naval,” you’re going to feel confident and empowered. Instead of feeling anxious or excited because of a color, a color like “Naval” exudes a secure and empowered feeling. This means that the color reads as sophisticated, and specifically, it works well with marble, metal, leather, and bold patterns. Plus, “Naval” is a color that pairs well with muted green and gold hues, which are other calm colors.

Not only are muted blues sophisticated colors, they are also colors that reflect a yearning for human connection. When you’re looking at a muted blue color, then the chances are that you’re going to want to gather and communicate with other people. So, putting a muted blue in your front entranceway, family room, or kitchen, is a great way to make your space a place where people want to gather. Many paint manufactures argue that classic, blue colors reflect the human spirit and create a place of refuge. So, if you’re looking to make your home a sanctuary, it makes sense to use a muted blue color.

Another color trend that relates to using muted blues, is using muted grays. Specifically, many homeowners are using muted grays in the kitchen, and a common color to pair with muted gray, is a coral color, like the previously described “First Light” color.

However, despite the fact that using calm colors is one of the most popular color trends this season, there is one place where bold colors are still popular: the laundry room. Throughout the home, people are opting to use muted colors, but in the laundry room, bright hues are all the rage. Even in rooms like the bathroom, muted colors, simple white vanities, and white counter tops are popular. But still, a vibrant laundry room is extremely popular and a great way to make your home contemporary.

This season, you’re going to want to choose muted colors for your home. Whether you’re using a muted blue or a soft pink, you’re going to want to choose colors that exude a sense of calm. If you have any questions about which color selections are best for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Seven 55 Design—we’re here to help!